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Audio Recordings captured on Defense Recorder could help in the following legal application scenarios

Self Defense
Document Interactions
Civil Rights

How is it legal

Art Kutzer, Colorado Attorney, states: "As a trial attorney, recordings of an incident can be the most critical evidence that make or break your case.  Having a recording of an incident can also potentially avoid a case being brought in the first place.  Defense Recorder could be your best evidence of what transpired."


Just like a dash camera, not everything is guaranteed, and you should always have your files reviewed by a legal professional before anything else. 

Federal Laws

Under federal law, only one party in a conversation needs to consent in order to record a conversation they are participating in. 

However, this applies primarily to public spaces or situations where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. 

In private settings, the legal landscape becomes dependent primarily on the rules set forth by the property owner.

State laws

Audio recording laws ultimately depend on state by state regulation, please search if your state requires Single or Dual party consent. Dual party consent means that you can't legally record without permission. 

Airport Passage

Audio Recordings captured on Defense Recorder could also help in the following general applications

Unique Comments

Here's how easy it is to capture audio of most events that may happen to you

Download & Customize your recording settings

Defense Recorder legal protection app customizable settings

Hit "record" and let it run in the background

Defense Recorder legal app

You are now capturing audio with Defense Recorder

Defense Recorder, the dash camera for people

Who we are

In a world where safety and reputation matter more than ever, Defense Recorder stands by your side. We empower individuals to document important details transparently and ethically, giving you the tools to confidently capture anything you may face.


Our team, driven by industry professionals, understands the crucial role of responsible technology. We build tools that offer valuable documentation capabilities while upholding the highest ethical standards.


Defense Recorder is more than just an app; it's a commitment. We stand for:

  • Empowering individuals: Equip yourself to document your experiences, build your own narrative, and seek support if needed.

  • Responsible technology: We develop tools that serve a genuine need while safeguarding privacy and upholding ethical data principles.

  • Privacy at the core: We build with privacy and ethics as our foundation, ensuring your peace of mind.


Defense Recorder: Document with confidence, stand with peace of mind.

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  • Why use Defense Recorder instead of another audio recorder app?
    Think of it like this: Consider a dash camera and a professional video camera. While both can capture video, they serve different purposes. A dash camera continuously records video, capturing unexpected moments like accidents, and is configured to save as much footage while using as little memory as possible, this usually sacrifices some footage quality. While a professional video camera offers high quality recording for deliberate shots at the expense of anything else, this usually means a 10 minute video can easily exceed over 60GB of memory. You wouldn't use a dash camera to film a movie, and you wouldn't rely on a professional camera for constant precautionary documentation of events. Similarly, Defense Recorder and other audio recorder apps have distinct uses. Other apps are great for intentional recordings like lectures or music, but require you to manually start and stop them. Defense Recorder, on the other hand, acts like a "dash camera" but only for audio recording, effortlessly recording in the background of your phone, capturing unexpected events like arguments or emergencies without needing your input. Hence why we say “record the unexpected”
  • What if I record myself saying something self-incriminating with Defense Recorder?
    Remember, Defense Recorder is a valuable tool for capturing evidence, but not a guarantee of any legal advantage. Just like you wouldn't submit dash cam footage directly to court without your lawyer's review, sharing Defense Recorder audio files without legal consultation can seriously harm your case. Here's why it's crucial to involve your lawyer: Identifying potential pitfalls: Recordings might contain unintended incriminating information you wouldn't be aware of. Lawyers can analyze the audio and flag problematic portions. Strategic use of beneficial sections: Your lawyer can identify beneficial aspects of the recording, like witness inconsistencies or exculpatory evidence, and build a strong defense around them. Navigating legal complexities: Sharing audio in court involves legal rules and procedures. Your lawyer can ensure you're using the evidence responsibly and effectively. Before using any Defense Recorder files in a legal context, always consult with a lawyer. They can help you understand the potential risks and benefits, determine the best course of action, and ensure you're utilizing this tool to your maximum advantage.
  • Is this legal?
    In most of the country, yes, any state that recognizes single party consent will have no issues with this program. You can find more information about these laws on our Recording Laws page. And we also provide updates to recording laws in our email newsletter.
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