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Updated on 12/19/22


Defense Recorder LLC is based out of Denver Colorado, founded and operated by Nick Sargent.


- We have pending trademarks on the phrases “Defense Recorder” and “Record the Unexpected”

- We have full copyrights on our logos, text, user interface, images, videos, code, website, marketing materials, and all other similar assets. 

- We have 3 provisional patents that both, protect our program as is, and protect features that will be added to the program at a later time. 

- Plus additional intellectual protections in place

- We will prosecute any and all infringement cases to the fullest extent.


Please view our Privacy policy and Terms of Service for additional questions, shall your questions still be unanswered, please contact us.

We can provide more detailed information of these protections upon request, however we will require you sign a Non-compete agreement prior to release of our detailed intellectual information. Further, any and all communications regarding this information will only be conducted over writing and a copy of the conversation will be permanently saved in our records.  

Positive press is always openly welcome, if you are a reporter, please visit our Press page

Content credit: 

- Ari Kutzer 2022 & 2023

- Eddie Lutz 2023

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