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Defense Recorder help
Defense Recorder help
Defense Recorder Help
  • Why don't I just use a free audio recorder app?
    This is a great question, other apps require user input before an incident. Defense Recorder is the only app that requires user input after an incident. Other voice recording apps are not designed to function as a sort of "dash camera", constantly recording audio. They require you to manually start & stop delete and save recordings, and don't often record properly in the background of your phone. If you were to tolerate the added hassle of using other audio recorder apps as a "personal dash camera". And capture a recording of an event such as use of force in self defense. The added hassle of manually operating other recording apps will likely be used against you in court. The court could easily say something like "why would you go through so much added work every single day, just incase something were to happen, you must have been planning this incident".
  • Is this legal?
    In most of the country, yes, any state that recognizes single party consent will have no issues with this program. You can find more information about these laws on our Recording Laws page. And we also provide updates to recording laws in our email newsletter.
  • Why are you special?
    Defense Recorder is a set-and-forget system. Once the you download, subscribe, set recording settings and hit record. It will constantly record until you need the recordings. Just like a car dash camera.
  • Why is it a paid subscription?
    We have to make money to maintain the program, so we charge a subscription as compared to selling user data. It keeps our users information safe and secure.
  • How does it impact battery use?
    We have seen a considerable draw on battery use, this is because the app is constantly running in the background while it's recording.
  • Are you a security app?
    Yes and no, we are not here to call the police, fire, or medics for you. We are a legal security app, that gathers evidence to use in court.
  • What permissions do you require from my phone?
    - Microphone To record audio files of anything that may happen, such as a self defense incident, verbal agreement, first words, etc. - Storage To save and replay audio files that are recorded, also to automatically delete the oldest file according to your settings. - Billing services Defense Recorder is a subscription only app, we require access to your smartphones built in subscription services.
  • Self incrimination
    It is important to clarify that the likelihood of incriminating oneself by using Defense Recorder is extremely low. Drawing a parallel, consider the usage of a dash camera in a vehicle. Just because one has a dash camera installed does not automatically result in receiving a citation for speeding. The same principle applies to Defense Recorder. We want to emphasize that our primary goal is to enhance personal security and provide valuable evidence in case of any unfortunate incidents. We have implemented strict measures to protect the privacy and rights of our users, ensuring that the recordings are used responsibly and solely for their intended purpose.

This program only captures audio, therefore the more vocal you are, the more effective this program will be.


This app works under single party consent and public rights laws. Our users agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. You realize that Defense Recorder will never accept liability for any misinterpretations and/or user violation of the law. You are using this program at your own risk. 

We recommend you conduct research into the recording laws of your specific state, and regularly check for changes to these laws, we include notifications of new recording law changes in our mailing list, you can join the mailing list at the bottom of most of our pages. You can learn more about these laws on our recording laws page.


WE ARE NOT INSURANCE and make no guarantees or promises of outcomes. Everyone's situation is different, consult your attorney for legal advice. Any information, claims or recommendations made by Defense Recorder shall NEVER be considered as legal advice. We are not lawyers.



  • Make sure you understand and follow all local laws. This program will document anything and everything you do, including any laws that you break. This is important to remember if you use any recordings in court.

  • Don’t use this program in an attempt to conduct criminal activity, it will only end up proving and documenting the criminal activities that you participated in. 

  • The more vocal you are during an incident, the more effective this program will be. Shall there be minimal to no communication during an incident, this app will be of little help. 

  • If you are incarcerated, we recommend pausing the audio recording, this will stop the files from being deleted until you resume audio recording.

  • Check for the little "recording in progress" dot in the top (usually right) corner of your phone. if this is not on, the app may have been accidentally closed or may have paused. 

If you still have questions, check our help page for additional answers, and if you ever need to contact us, please email our CEO directly at

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