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Michael Irvin Defamation case

Michael Irvin had an interaction with a female hotel employee on Feb. 5 2023, which was captured by hotel security cameras. The interaction eventually escalated to Marriott claiming he made "a vulgar sexual advance" towards their employee. Although Michael maintained his innocence through the interaction, his reputation suffered severe damage as a result of the hotels claims.

Naturally, Michael eventually requested a copy of the hotels security footage, to which the hotel declined to produce the footage, and even went as far as to commit a form of legal maneuvering to hide the footage from the now courtroom handling the lawsuit filed by Michael.

The footage was eventually produced, but only after months of pressuring the hotel, utilizing Michaels fame and relatively deep pockets. Michael was lucky to have access to these resources.

Had Michael been using Defense Recorder, he would've had his own audio copy of the interaction from day one. Potentially saving him from months of negative reputation among other damages.


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